Review Article: Correlation between Universal BCG Vaccination Policy and Reduced Morbidity and Mortality for COVID-19: An Epidemiological Study

Publication Date: 13/04/2020

Author(s): Andrew A. Roy (PhD, MBBS, MPH, MSc).

Volume/Issue: Volume 3 , Issue 2 (2020)


Genome of eukaryotic cells contains up to 69% of the transposable elements and repetitive sequences. To a large extent it is a result of billions of years of evolution through which eukaryotes were encountering gazillions of viruses and storing the footprints of those encounters in its genome. This time Mankind deals with a novel virus belonging to the coronavirus family, which albeit being widely spread in the wildlife is new to humans. Once infected, 80% of humans experience a flu-like symptoms and eventually recover. However, the real menace is posed to those whose vulnerability is determined by old age and underlying medical conditions. Akin to the scenario of alien invasion, this pandemic will leave a notable imprint on social, economic and biological aspects of human existence. How did it happen, or rather, why did we allow this to happen? Let’s ponder over the biological, medical and philosophical domains of COVID-19 pandemic.

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