Impact of Hydroxychloroquin/Azithromycin Protocol on COVID-19 Case-Fatality Rate Reduction in Algeria

Publication Date: 12/06/2020

Author(s): Ahmed Youssef Kada, Kheireddine Abdelouahed Bouyoucef, Kouider Sahraoui.

Volume/Issue: Volume 3 , Issue 2 (2020)


This study aimed to demonstrate the effectiveness of hydroxychloroquin/ azithromycin protocol in Algeria, in particular after its extension to all patients diagnosed COVID-19 positive on RT-PCR test. We were able to illustrate this fact graphically, but not to prove it statistically, indeed in the 7 days which followed generalization of therapeutic protocol, case fatality rate decrease and doubling time increase, thus confirming the impact of wide and early prescription of hydroxychloroquin/azithromycin protocol.

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