Therapeutic Approach Towards Suicide Among Muslim Folks: A Treatise During COVID-19 Outbreak

Publication Date: 18/04/2020

Author(s): Adamu Ibrahim.

Volume/Issue: Volume 3 , Issue 2 (2020)


Suicide is relatively rare problem affecting people irrespective of gender, age race and religion, but in pandemic infectious disease outbreak, the practice tends to increase due to various negative psychological changes. Despite the frequent reports that are showing the rise of suicidal cases and attempts globally, the menace is almost neglected by societies. This article presents brief explanations on the suicide from the Islamic perspective, which was aimed to serve as a primer for curbing the menace in the Muslim communities in particular. In the paper, risk and protective factors for suicide are discussed, Islamic ruling on suicide, and suggested ways of helping a person with suicidal thoughts are also outlined.

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