Personal Attributes and Situations of Relapse among Substance Abusers

Publication Date: 14/11/2020

Author(s): Malek Yosef Alkhutaba.

Volume/Issue: Volume 3 , Issue 4 (2020)


Relapse of substance abuser is a global alarming issue. Many countries struggle to reduce the number of addicts around the world. Different studies have revealed significant variation in the situations and factors that lead addicts to relapse after treatment and rehabilitation. This study was designed to examine the personality attributes and conditions of substance abusers that affect their relapse. Random sampling was adopted in which 41 male substance abusers of relapses were enrolled in this study. To collect data, this study adopted Al-Khartoum Scale Mutawakkil Mahid and Relapse Situations Scale (Askar, Diddy and Askar). Results of the study revealed that the seven personality attributes among substance abusers showed steady decrease, while the eagerness and stimuli of substance, ability to control, and compression of addiction friends among substance abusers showed steady increase. Also, a significant difference existed in the personal attributes and situations of relapses among the participants based on marital status. Moreover, a significant difference was found in the personal attributes among the participants based on the type of substance that is used in favor of ecstasy causes. Finally, the results showed a positive correlation between self-confidence attribute and ability to control situation of relapse.


Personal Attributes, Relapse, Situations of Substance, Substance Abusers

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