Theoretical Study of Forced Van Der Pol Oscillator Equation Using Multiple Two-timing Regular Parameter Perturbation and Asymptotic Expansion Techniques

Publication Date: 08/04/2024


Author(s): Onuoha N.O..

Volume/Issue: Volume 7 , Issue 2 (2024)


This paper presents the theoretical study of forced Van der Pol oscillator equation. Oscillatory systems are studied to know measures that can reduce the amplitude of oscillation of the oscillatory system. Here, multiple two-timing regular parameter perturbation is applied since it is a kind of perturbation among other perturbation techniques that enables the study of the behaviour of a system under certain conditions. Asymptotic expansion technique was also applied. Excel Microsoft was used to analyse the uniformly valid asymptotic solution of the Van der Pol oscillator equation obtained. The uniformly valid asymptotic solution in the independent variable obtained, showed that damping alters the amplitude of the oscillatory system thereby affecting its motion. Increase in damping decreases the amplitude of oscillation of the system. With damping incorporated in the system though very small damping, the amplitude of oscillation reduces with time.


Oscillatory system, Regular parameter perturbation, asymptotic expansion, damping, amplitude, oscillation.

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