Application of Lexisearch Algorithm to Vehicle Routing Problem with Time Windows

Publication Date: 23/04/2024


Author(s): Achaku D. T., Sani B..

Volume/Issue: Volume 7 , Issue 2 (2024)


Vehicle Routing Problem with Time Windows (VRPTW) is an NP hard combinatorial scheduling optimization problem in which a minimum number of routes have to be determined so as to serve each of the destinations within their specified time windows. In this paper, the mail delivery of the Nigerian Postal Services (NIPOST) is modelled as a VRPTW in order to address the problem of delay in mail delivery occurring regularly in NIPOST. The Abuja Post Office is used as a case study and the Model of a related literature is applied with modifications to solve the problem. The problem is solved by applying Lexisearch algorithm using data that was obtained from Abuja Post Office and computational results on Solomon’s 100 instances were used to validate the algorithm.


Vehicle routing problem, Branch and bound algorithm, Time windows, Optimal and mail clearance.

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