About Us

Who We Are?

African – British Journals exists to support research and innovation by leveraging on open access model to publish, commission, curate, showcase and promote useful research works. With our open access journal publications covering a wide range of academic disciplines, we are constantly pushing and expanding the boundaries of knowledge as a tool for human advancement.

We are an international open access journal platform providing the best research service and publication with the distinct objective of discovering cutting-edge advancement in knowledge. By employing modern publishing insights, double-blind and peer-reviewed scientific method, we help our researchers share their findings, access the works of others and contribute to important discussions within the research community.

We drive innovation within our open knowledge community by collaborating with universities, research institutions, enterprise, corporate organizations, associations and agencies around the world. Over the years, we have published journals, articles, books, and reports in all major domains, including science, business, medicine, the humanities and technology thereby positioning us as one of the leading advocates for research quality and ethics.

What We Do?

  • Academic and Scientific Journal Publishing

  • Publication of Academic Books and Conference Proceedings

  • Academic Research Promotion Services and Support Programmes

  • Organizing Academic Conferences and Workshops

  • Provide Research Training Programmes Designed to Meet Lecturers’ Needs

  • Promote International Networks in Science and Research (Research Forum).

Awards and Grants

In line with our vision to support research and innovation, we have dedicated a number of awards and grants to celebrate our researchers’ community. These awards celebrate works in disciplinary and interdisciplinary research works, academic writing contests, review competitions, data publishing hackathons and so on. See list of Awards.