Effect of Militancy and Moral Decadence on Education in the Niger Delta

Publication Date: 10/11/2020

Author(s): Idieno Ogboghaniir Myke-Sotohn.

Volume/Issue: Volume 3 , Issue 4 (2020)


Militancy in the Niger Delta area of our country Nigeria, is a great menace that has influenced us greatly. Ranging from government, education, private organizations to individuals. The agitation for recognition and equal right has made the Niger Delta youths to take powers into their own hands. Although, it was initially a fight for a cause, it negatively affected the region greatly in the aspect of education. In the bid to silence them, the government decided the amnesty and reconciliation program but it did not yield any good result of encouraging our youth toward education. Though it was meant for the denouncement of the militancy for exchange with skills acquisition and monthly allowances it rather encouraged them to settle for getting rich without working for it and finally, jeopardized education in the Niger Delta. There are causes of militancy which are lack of local control of resources, underdevelopment, relocation of local government headquarters, poverty, marginalization, environmental pollution, educational opportunities, and poor implementation of the amnesty program. Another thing that has affected the education of the Niger Delta is moral decadence.Until marginalizationof Niger Delta region is curbed, it will be difficult to stop militancy in the Niger Delta region. Another way out of the effects of this militancy on our education is for hard work to be appreciated and good character celebrated, search for fast wealth cannot be eliminated and thereby, the quest for educational pursuit in the Niger Delta region can be encouraged.


Militancy, Moral Decadence, Education, Niger Delta, Nigeria

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