Effect of Celebrity Endorsement on Consumers’ Buying Behaviour of Electrical Appliances in Accra, Ghana: A Case Of Hisense Ghana Ltd

Publication Date: 25/03/2020

Author(s): Ibrahim Ofosu-Boateng.

Volume/Issue: Volume 3 , Issue 2 (2020)


The study examines the effect of celebrity endorsement on consumers’ buying behaviour of electrical appliances in Accra, Ghana. Data were collected using questionnaire administered through personal interviews to 240 customers of Hisense Ghana Limited in Accra, Ghana, and data analyses carried out using SPSS version 22. The findings of the study revealed television ranked first, radio ranked second, newspaper ranked third and billboard ranked fourth as the various media used by Hisense Ghana Limited for celebrity endorsements to influence consumers’ buying behaviour in Accra. Also, the study showed credibility ranked first, physical attractiveness ranked second, trustworthiness ranked third and expertise ranked fourth as celebrity’s attributes influencing consumers’ buying behaviour of products of Hisense Ghana limited in Accra, Ghana. Since reactions to television advertisements seem to be stronger than the reaction to print advertisement, the study recommends Hisense Ghana limited to continue to emphasize the use of television as a medium for celebrity endorsement to influence consumers’ buying behaviour. The firm should also continue the use of celebrity endorsement on radio. However, celebrity endorsement in newspapers and billboards can be minimized. Also, it is recommended that celebrities with credibility and physical attractiveness must be utmost priority for Hisense during endorsements and celebrities with additional attributes such as trustworthiness and expertise must be preferred albeit not so significant.

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