Management in Man’s Environment: How Universal and yet Under-Observed

Publication Date: 26/07/2021


Author(s): Bayo Princewill Lekara (PhD), Ebikebena E. Red-Well.

Volume/Issue: Volume 4 , Issue 3 (2021)


Every university course is developed, taught and learned in the expectation that it will ultimately prove useful to the learner economically or in promoting personal understanding of, and adaptation to the natural and social environments of living and work relations. Management is no exception to this rule. However, because of the general ration that the course management is simple but scarily be sufficiently understood, let alone be made sufficiently relevant today –to – day life and work, the need exists for course lecturers in particular to be adequately equipped to negate these notions and to rather render the course understandable, enjoyable and useful. This paper provides some readily applicable working understandings of and applicative hints on the main branches of management. As an enrichment effort, the meaningful application of some selected information science, or information system – related tertiary level branches of management are also treated to pave the way for the more specially focused paper presentation.


Man, Management, Environment, Universal, Under-Observed

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