Why Publish With Us

We pride ourselves on providing a supportive and accessible service for our authors throughout the publishing process.

Open Research

We are committed to promoting quality open access research. As a gold Open Access publisher, all articles published by African – British Journals have undergone peer review and upon acceptance are immediately and permanently freely available worldwide for everyone to access, read, download and print.

We connect you with colleagues around the globe and advance your research through wide readership, high visibility, increased citation and impact

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Article Statistics and Tracking

Authors can track the progress of their articles throughout the whole process (submission, review and publication) using our secure online system.

Author can also know the download statistics of their article; this is available on the abstract page and visible to anyone.

Fast Publication

We offer fast publication while providing rigorous peer review to ensure highest quality of research is published. We offer fast turnaround times and have an in-house team who can make things happen quickly, so you get the flexibility and speed to market what you want. We operate a continuous publishing model and publishes on monthly basis (i.e. 12 issues per year). As your article will be open access, it will be immediately and freely available without restriction.

Quality is Everything

We are committed to the highest standards of peer review. Our Dedicated Editorial Board members follow COPE (Committee on Publication Ethics) Ethical Guidelines for Peer Reviewers as well as Publication Integrity.

All editors work closely with our in-house Research Integrity Team who advises on decision-making, plagiarism and ethics to ensure every decision is as fair and transparent as possible. Expert and rapid peer-review decision is available to author within 1 week.

Here are some benefits we provide:

  • Publish thoroughly peer-reviewed journals of high scholarly impact.

  • Low cost, high impact factor open access journals.

  • Fast publication with accurate double blinded peer review process, manuscripts are accepted within 1 weeks of submission (provided that no major revisions are required).

  • Articles are published in their final form within three days after the acceptance by the handling editor.

  • Immediate visibility for research output once article is published and thus increase visibility and usage of their results which leads to high citation.

  • Accelerated discovery with open access, readers can access all articles we publish for free and build on the findings or conclusion of others without restriction.

  • Unrestricted access to material, enriched education, allowing equality of learning in developing and delivered countries.

  • Authors retain the copyright to their work. Retaining the copyrights of authors to their work permit them to unlimited use and/or distribution of their work without any restriction.

  • Authors retain all copyrights, authors will not be forced to sign any copyright transfer agreements.

  • Articles submitted to our journals are being accessed from over the globe providing equal space to all the researchers of all the countries.

Discounts on APC (Article Processing Charge)

We offer an open access initiative program called “Open Access Research Initiative (OARI)” which enables academic and research institutions, association and funders to actively support open access by removing some or all of the publication fee (APC) from the individual author.

Authors from such institutions can publish their work in any of our Journals at a reduced rate or even no cost at all, and are entitled to a 20% discount on the publication fee (APC).

If your institution does not yet participate, you may recommend the program using the following page.

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