Publish With Us… Step-By-Step Guide

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Preparing your Manuscript

Prospective Authors should download the Article Template (by clicking here), which outlines the guidelines for preparing your paper, covering:

  1. Article layout and structure

  2. Abstract highlights and keywords

  3. Accepted format for tables, figures, and data sources

  4. Reference style

We are very flexible when it comes to the length of a submission. However, we would suggest an average length of 4,500 – 6,000 including words, figures, tables, and references.

Choosing a Journal

Every journal has its aim, scope and the types of papers that can be published on it. Check the journal’s homepage for all the details.

  • Make sure your paper fits the scope of the journal

  • Submit your research to one journal only

  • Follow the instructions for authors carefully

We encourage original contributions in Applied Research, Critical Reviews, Empirical Papers, Case Studies, Analytical Papers, Review Papers, Survey Papers, Previously Published Papers in Conferences, Dissertation Chapters, Thesis Publication etc.


Online Submission

To reduce the editorial processing and reviewing time, we created an efficient online submission system, to shorten the publication time. Click on “Online Paper Submission” button on the journal’s homepage to submit your article.

Reviewing and Acceptance

The manuscript screening process involves a first phase review by a section editor of our journal. It is then sent to two experts in your field for a rigorous peer-review. This is an important aspect of the review process as the constructive feedbacks given will help improve the manuscript. Finally, the Journal’s Editor-in-Chief approves the manuscript.

Once the article is accepted, it is processed for publication.

All reviewers/editors work with our in-house Research Integrity Team who advises on decision-making, plagiarism, and ethics to ensure every decision is as fair as possible.

Acceptance Letter and Review Results are made available to the authors(s) within 1-3 weeks. If any article is accepted for publication, author(s) will pay publication fee “Article Processing Charge (APC)” before the article is published.

All manuscripts submitted will undergo similarity and plagiarism index checks, before being assigned for Double Blind Review.

Track your Submission

Authors can track the progress of their articles from submission, review, and publication using our secure online system. To track your submission, click the “Check Paper Status” button on the journal’s homepage..


A piece that is not written in correct English, it is rejected. Our professional translators are available to offer excellent service should English not be your first language.

Additionally, it is advised that your manuscript should have been read by at least two people for error check before it is submitted to a journal.

Copy Editing and English Polishing

Every manuscript accepted for publication is given a thorough editing for grammar, semantics, and layout to ensure that the manuscript conforms to formal, styling, layout and it communicates its message clearly.

Sharing your Research

When your article is published, it can be promoted to reach a more extensive audience and for a bigger impact and visibility in your subject domain. Your career will receive a push and you can get cited more.

How we Share your Article

  • Published articles will be shared through our carefully designed community alert system to notify members of a new journal available as well as a list of all the articles in the issue.

  • A post or Q&A may be required from some authors to help promote their work on the digital space.

  • Using content marketing, many articles will be shared on our social media pages.