Publishing Process

This document provides an outline of the editorial process involved in publishing a submitted article.

1. Online Submission

Submission for all articles are mainly considered via the online submission system.

Criteria for publication

  • Your article must be original

  • All third party copyright is followed

How to submit an article

Authors should take note of the submission guidelines before furthering any submission to the journal. However, we also run format-free submission, articles that do not follow these formatting guidelines may be considered.

After Submission what next?
The first stage which your article will be is with the Editorial staffs to consider whether to send it for peer-review or not. Your article will be assigned to the Editor in the subject area of your work and decisions will be made. The Editorial staff will do the preliminary review where the scope of your article, language, abstract, and reference will be crosschecked and the judgment made will either to pass it to the peer-review or to reject it. The peer-review process takes 1-3 weeks with an average of 15 days.

2. Reviewers

Although it is the Editorial staffs that validate if your article will be accepted or not, peer-review also contribute to the good state of the article. This is to ensure that the content is impactful to the readers when followed and to ensure the clarity state of your work. Hence, the decision of the peer review does not affect your work since the editorial has the final judge on the nature of your work. The peer-review will provide comments on your work and this will be attached to your paper which will be sent to you to revise.

Editorial Decision

AB Journals ensures that all articles submitted are taken through thorough readings and decisions. The Editorial staffs will make a decision on whether your article should be furthered or not.

Second Round Review

Most oftentimes, articles end with the first review but on some occasions, it requires the attention of the second round review by the peer. Who will give comments on the changes you have made on your article and their comment will be finalized by Editorial decision whether to accept your article or it should be rejected.

3. Revised Edition

All articles after decided will be sent back to the author to check proof and follow the reviewers’ comment and sending your article back to us will means you have checked through it and corrected it in line of the reviewers’ comment.

But if your article is rejected, we suggest you resubmit to another journal.

4. Payment of Publication Fee

While we promote a community that empowers researchers with tools and services that eliminate the barriers to publishing, it should be noted that AB Journals is solely independent and autonomous thereby not depending on funding from any external institutions aside revenues from Article Processing Charge (APC) paid by authors.

While we don’t charge for submissions, authors are required to pay Article Processing Charge (APC) which they only pay if their articles have been accepted for publication. Click for Article Processing Charge (APC).

5. Editing and Layout

After a paper has been accepted, it is then furthered for editing and layout to ensure that your work reaches maximum clarity. Their role is to;

  • Ensure every manuscript accepted for publication is given a thorough editing for grammar, semantics and spell checked for better clarity.

  • Ensure that the manuscript conforms to formal, styling, layout and it communicates its message clearly.

  • Ensure the usage of terminologies and keywords.

  • Ensure that both the tables and figures are clear enough and fit the available space.

5. Check Final Draft

Once your article has gone through editing and layout, it will be sent back to you to ensure that it is check proof. And if co-authored, make sure to circulate the new document to them so as to ensure the distinctive spelling of names and terms are visible and clear enough.

6. Publication

All publications are made through the online platform and authors will receive an e-mail notifying them of their publication. Articles are published within 1 week of payment.

Journal Publishing Workflow

Journal Publishing Workflow

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