How to Write Title and Abstract of your Article with Keywords

It is very important to note the usefulness of both the article title and abstract as it bears an insight on what your article is talking about. Therefore, it is very important not to rush this phase as it is the one to complement the detail of your article.

By using keywords, you are giving your reader quick access to your article. These keywords are like the pointers that bear the image of your article. Hence, your keyword must be able to lead the reader to your work and even give the reader a brief of what your work contains.

Tips on how to write an effective title

The title of your article must be able to brief your readers what your article is about, it must be accurate and must be terse. This will be able to give your reader a description of your work in a read. Also, your title must include the keywords in your article, this will give readers quick access to your work online when it is searched.

Another important thing to note is the usage of sentences, avoid the usage of abbreviations or formulas or numerals. Using a convincing title will give your reader easy access to your work when it is searched online. Your title must be strong to be able to grasp the attention of your reader at once. It should also be able to explain what your article is to the reader.

Giving your abstract an effective look

Your abstract is a summary of your work in a brief and catchy words. Your abstract is like a copy, if it is convincing enough, the reader will read the whole article. Writing your abstract demands answers to questions like;

  • what your article is about,

  • what method you engage in

  • and what you have concluded on.

Your abstract must be very accurate and it must be a summary of what your content is, make sure you do not exaggerate your abstract. Before you begin writing, be sure to have checked the submission guidelines of your journal as to be sure of the word count as it ranges between 100-200 words.

Your abstract must be independent of any forms of abbreviation and references. This is your brief overview; it must be able to stand on its own without having any footnotes or endnotes. It must also contain keywords that will be well expatiate in your article. Your abstract must show the reader that you know what you are talking about and not perambulating the point of focus.

However, there are differences between original research papers and review papers, knowing these differences will help you to know how to write your abstract. In Original research papers, your article should discuss the method and procedures you used while in Review papers, you are required to first state the primary objective of the review, then the reason behind the choice of it and then the main outcomes and results of your review and the results drawn.

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