Ways which your Article can make Impact

The main aim of your article should not only be a segment to gaining audience but also having an impact on society. However, there are various ways in which your paper can make an impact depending on the nature of your work. Some of which are academic impact, health, politics, policy, economic impact, agricultural impact etc.

The importance of research

The importance of research cannot be underestimated as it spurs through the research funding and how your research is linked to your career. Government funding research often ensures that the best and high-quality research is often produced and also it gives back a positive contribution to society. Being able to pinpoint this impact will give research a higher stake of governmental funding. Likewise, in a research grant application, the funding councils or bodies often ask for evidence of impact which will give them the belief in the research they are funding and also the benefits they will be gaining.

In addition, the importance of research can also be linked to your career through communication skills in which you gained via presenting in a conference or running a public engagement activity. Also through project management. Also, its impact can be found in your curriculum vitae.

Increasing your research article visibility

During the process you are writing your research article, it is very important to note the ways in which you can increase the visibility of your research.

Having a good title for your research

When writing about a research title, always remember to make it simple and understandable. Try to avoid numbers or abbreviation but make use of important terms that can easily bring out your research when related topics are needed.

Make use of relevant keyword

Making use of relevant keywords will allow others to quickly access your research quickly and accurately. Keywords are like labels to your article, they are the navigation to what you have written.

By optimizing your research paper your search engine

By making use of relevant keywords, your paper can be easily accessed while searching for related topics. Also, you can also include external links so as to build connections online.

Ways in which you can promote your research article

There are various ways you can promote your research article, and this can help you increase the impact of your research.

One of these ways is Social Media – the social media is a valuable platform which you can use to promote your research work and you can use this via various ways either by announcing your published work with a link to your article. You can use hashtags so as to make it easily accessible on social media. You can also make use of visuals such as image, gif or video.

Also, you can promote your research article by joining an academic research network. This will enable you to commonly share views with other researchers. Also, creating a google scholar profile. By creating a google scholar profile, you will be able to add your research paper and also more about yourself.

You can also write a blog post, which can be a summary about yourself and on your research paper. Through this way, you are promoting your article and when a related topic is being searched for, your blog result will materialize.

Another way you can promote your research paper is by presenting your paper at a conference. You can also add your article to your email signature this is through adding your article link to your email signature.

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