What to look for when Checking Proofs

The process of checking proof is one of the last processes after you have submitted your paper. However, after your paper have been accepted you will receive an email of confirmation, your paper will move to the next phase which is peer review.

From the peer-review, you will receive an email notification that will signify that you can check proof of your article. Once you get this email, please make sure that you read the instructions carefully.

What to look for while checking proof of your article

When checking proof of your article, there will be some comments from the peer-review. Hence, it is required of you to make sure that you respond to these comments when submitting the revision of your article.

You must note all comment that is made on your article and they should closely follow to avoid errors in any form.

Check the proper spelling of your name and that of your co-authors before the final submission.

However, it is solely your responsibility to check proof your manuscript and correct it in align with the comments that followed as we won’t be held responsible for errors that remained in the published version of your article.

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