Waiver Policy

AB Journals is committed towards making knowledge freely accessible to all; however, we understand that there is limited funding in the research field. Hence, we created a waiver system that eases the financial pressure of publishing a manuscript. Our aim is to get as many researchers as possible to publish, thus making high-quality research articles available to anyone anywhere. Our waiver policy grants discounts of varying degree to authors based on the income level of their home countries, disability status, personal socio-economic, research impacts and so on. Hence, we have instituted the following waiver policy.

Authors from Low and Lower-Middle Income Countries may be granted up to 68% waiver.

Authors from Upper-Middle Income Countries may be granted up to 41% waiver.

Note: Waiver will be automatically applied to the invoice you’ll be getting when your article is accepted for publication. 


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World Bank Country Classifications by Income Level