ABJ Research Poster Competition 2019

ABJ Poster ABJ Poster Competiton


The #ABJPoster is an online event that is held entirely over Twitter. It aims to bring together members of the scientific research community so as to share their research, network among themselves and engage in scientific debate.

What we aim to achieve is to provide a new advanced poster contest format that uses social media to its advantage. We also wanted to give researchers an open and free platform that they can present and talk about their works while also encouraging early career researchers to take part and help build their career. Twitter seemed the most suited of the social media platforms as it is common among most professionals over many scopes for professional purposes unlike other social media platforms such as Facebook. The limits of Twitter discussion to 280 characters allows the participants to be brief and to the point of their work.

Get Involved:

  • Share a poster of your research

  • Network with researchers by following #ABJPoster

  • Engage in scientific debate by commenting on posters

  • Follow African – British Journals on twitter @abjournals

Tweet your poster image with a title, #ABJPoster and relevant subject hashtag(s), discuss, engage, connect and showcase your research using:

  • Environmental #ABJPoster #ABJEnv

  • Sustainability #ABJPoster #ABJSus

  • Science #ABJPoster #ABJScience

  • Biology and Health #ABJPoster #ABJBiology

  • Agriculture #ABJPoster #ABJAgri

  • Education #ABJPoster #ABJEdu

  • Management and Economics #ABJPoster #ABJMgt

  • Social Sciences #ABJPoster #ABJSocial

  • Mathematics and Statistics #ABJPoster #ABJMath

  • Engineering and Technology #ABJPoster #ABJEng

Award Incentive

Win cash prizes if your #ABJPoster and presentation is deemed best by the committee chairing the competition

  • 1st, 2nd and 3rd Place: Certificate Award

  • People’s Choice Award: Poster that receive the most retweets will receive People’s Choice Award Certificate

Important Dates:

  • Poster Submission starts: 1st August, 2019

  • Poster Submission ends: 30th of October, 2019

Please note that only posters received within this time-frame will be considered. The earlier you tweet your poster, the more chance of retweet and engagement on your poster.

We have top tips for making a poster specifically for Twitter available on the blog, visit www.bit.ly/2Yms8Uo


tips to win #ABJPoster


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