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The fact that writing a paper consumes time and energy is a norm authors and researchers have come to terms with. But it becomes frustrating and burdensome when they have to do a reformatting for a number of reasons, especially, in situations where a paper gets rejected, or the journal changes their manuscript layout/ template, or even the author/researcher for some reasons decide to change the journal to submit to, they have to do re-formatting thereby expending more time that could have been devoted to other productive activities.

The need for a reformatting comes with the fact that journals’ formats vary in their layouts, the standard of English (American or British) and referencing styles. And a lot of researchers have made complaints about the hardship that this brings, with a third of the people in a 2012 survey carried out by Elsevier’s Research and Academic Relations department as a testimony. Format-free submission was introduce to eliminate the complaints and save authors/researchers time and energy.

In Format-free submission, authors/researcher are provided with the opportunity of submitting their papers without formatting to meet the requirements of the particular journal. By this, authors/researchers are eluded the worries of re-formatting for every journal, can submit to multiple journals that allow such, time and energy is saved and can be fully expended on research, hence, more papers can be released in a shorter time, risk of losing research funding is lessened and they even have time to pursue more.

Here at African – British Journals, we run format-free submission, and with an edge. Most times, once a paper is accepted by a journal, authors/researchers are required to still format for the revision stage, hence, a delayed burden. But at African – British Journals we do not ask you to format even upon acceptance; we want you to focus on the quality of your works and we focus on formatting to meet our demands. In a nutshell, we are open to format-free submission and you can start sending your papers in. However, there are fundamentals to academic writing you must follow in your paper:

  • Manuscript, including the text, figures and tables can be submitted in a single Word file. Any format or layout is accepted.

  • Whatever scholarly reference or citation style used must be consistent.

  • Even though there are no fixed formatting requirements some essential elements are important for a proper evaluation and review of a manuscript (Abstract, Keywords, Introduction, Materials & Methods, Results, Conclusions, Tables and Figures with Captions, Reference and so on).

How do I submit my Article(s) to free format journal?

Follow these steps when submitting your manuscript with free format submission.

  • Go to our journal list, and select the journal of your choice.

  • From the journal’s homepage, click the “Online Paper Submission”.

  • Fill the form and upload your manuscript…

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