Introducing Authors Hub


Introducing Authors Hub

Authors Hub is a newsletter that will be issued weekly for authors and editors (both current and future) to keep them in touch with the most recent update in academic research and AB Journals development. Authors and prospective authors will also be able to share their views with peers by clicking on the comment section at the bottom of each article.

What is Authors Hub?

It is specially designed to serve as home resources for researchers while also addressing the biggest challenges you can face!
So, you can always stay current and on top of your game, we are excited to give you the ‘Authors Hub’ communication channel.

Who is it for?

Weekly, we thoroughly search and collate from loads of primary resources i.e. anything from public research papers to earnings reports so as to deliver a tightly carefully selected debrief that carries the utmost scholarly research news of import from all around the globe. We make your work simpler and more effective by assembling significant reports for you. Though, it is majorly for authors, scholars, researchers, editors, contributors, academicians and anybody planning a research project or writing out their next manuscripts but the newsletter might also be of interest to anyone not in these sectors, after all, you never know when a piece of information will come in handy.

Community Alerts

It is to keep you up-to-date with the most recent publications, current issues in your community and new breakthroughs in your field. We have two types of the community alerts:

  • The volume/ issue alerts, is to notify you when new journals issues are available.

  • The topic alerts, is to notify you when there is a new published article that is related to your area of interest.

Do you want to make an announcement via the newsletter? Let us know

Like we said already, it is a home resource. In case you have any product or project or research announcement, opinion piece or job posting or conference announcement that you will like to share with our large community, then feel free to share it with us so we can fast-track it getting into our next week’s issue!

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