Tips to Writing an Academic Papers You Must Know

Before you start writing an academic journal it is very important to note down tips that can help you achieve your aim and this will also guide you in writing your papers correctly without going off the guide. Take note of these points to guide you through the course of writing your academic paper:

  • Plan your work

  • Be quick with your decision

  • Jot down important points

  • Get a reviewer

  • Arranged your work structurally

Plan your work: Before you start your academic paper, you must plan your structure logically. You have got a place where you have important works, you’ll like to cite jotted down. You should also be well prepared mentally; this will help you to get yourself ready for the task ahead of you. While writing your academic paper, make your plans into three parts (Project phase, writing phase and revision phase.)

Project planning phase: This involves brainstorming of ideas with your peers and this will include the structural planning of your paper.
Writing phase: This phase includes you writing out all that you have brainstormed in the project phase. During this phase, you combine all you have jotted down during the first phase first.

Revision and final phase: This last phase is primarily is about editing, formatting and reviewing of all you have done during your first and second phase as regards the writing of your academic paper.

Be quick with your decision: Delay and procrastinating will hinder you in achieving your plan within a given time. Thus, getting quick with your decision and getting started will help you to quickly execute your plans and also give you more time to have a proper review before the final submission.

Jot down important points: Before you start writing your paper it is best advised that you should a place you jot your points, preferably using a Microsoft excel will help you to easily navigate the important sentences and author of works you have read when you are writing your paper.

Get a reviewer: Having a third-eye to review your work is very important, they will be able to spot errors that might have eluded your consciousness when you were writing. Apart from this, their feedback will help you to know the impression your work will have on the readers which are also important in knowing what goals your paper is driving at.

Read the submission guidelines: Before writing your academic paper, make sure you read the submission guidelines of the journal you are submitting it to very well. This will help you know the criteria of works which is needed before a paper can be accepted.

The structural arrangement of your work: The structure of your paper should be divided into three sections – the introduction, the body and the conclusion.

  • The introduction: The introduction of your academic paper must contain genuine points of what your academic paper will be discussing. Your introduction should be able to address important questions that pertain to the information in your work such as – what is this paper about? Why did I write this?

  • Body: The body of your paper must discuss in detail what your paper is about. This includes all you have discussed during and jotted down which will be structurally arranged.

  • The conclusion: Your conclusion should contain a wrap up of all what you have discussed in the body and a handy of a list of other minor points.

Also, check your grammatical usage and punctuation perfect. Be careful of plagiarism which can hinder the acceptance of your paper. Likewise, be sure of references. Ensure that all quotes are referenced correctly and your bibliography is completed based on specific requirements.

Then finally, check through the paper very well before submitting it finally. Reading through it at least twice will give you the opportunity to point out your mistakes before submission.

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